If your table needs it, chances are – we do it

Your team at Ball Breaker Billiards provides a highly specialised Service for everything you need for your billiard table.

We can find you the perfect second hand table. We can repair your well loved table or move it across town for you.

One of our most popular services is sourcing the best pool table for your needs. Whether you are looking for an addition to your man-cave or your family room, we can help you find the right billiard table at the right price.

Our Services include:

  • Sourcing the perfect Pool Table for you;
  • Assembling & Dismantling;
  • Moving & Removal;
  • Re-clothing (we use the best English cloth Strachan 6811);
  • Rubber Cushion Replacements;
  • Nets/Empire Rails & Leathers;
  • Timber Restoration;
  • Re-levelling;
  • Cues, Balls, Covers, Racks, Scoreboards and Tips.

One of our workmen will come out to your home and advise you on what workmanship needs to be done.

Just give Ray a call on 07 3800 1999 to discuss your service need