Room Sizes

What size table can I fit in my Room?

For a comfortable and safe space to play in, we recommend the minimum room requirements below:

Table Size  (actual slate size) Room Size (minimum size)
7′ x 3’6″ 4.90M x 3.80M
8′ x 4′ 5.20M x 4.00M
9′ x 4’6″ 5.50M x 4.30M
10′ x 5′ 6.10M x 4.60M
12′ x 6′ 6.70M x 4.90M

Do you deliver and assemble the Pool table for me?

Yes – Our team at Ball Breaker Billiard has all the equipment and expertise to safely deliver and assemble your table for you. We will make sure you table is level and ready for your first game.

Can you move my Billiard Table for us?

Yes – We will happily move your Table for you from Room to Room or across town. Just give us a call to discuss what service you need.

Do you recommend second hand Pool Tables?

Yes – A good Quality second hand table can be very nicely restored and made into the centerpiece of your room. We can help you find a high quality table and breathe new life into it.

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