Often a Pool Table has been handed down through generations in the family or someone picked it up from an antique shop. These tables are beautiful but most often not functional for a game.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a play?

We at Ball Breaker Billiards can help with all repairs you might need and bring that Table back to its former glory. Sometimes it’s just a polish and a few touch ups to make your table shine again or it may need a full restoration.

Repair Services:

  • Re-clothing (we use the best English cloth Strachan 6811);
  • Rubber Cushion Replacements;
  • Nets/Empire Rails & Leathers;
  • Timber Restoration;
  • Re-levelling

In most cases we can carry out our repair services at your home. If this is not suitable we will pick the table up and deliver it back once done.

At Ball Breaker Billiards we love what we do and we guarantee professional workmanship.

For professional and quality Repair Services call Ball Breaker Billiards on 07 3800 1999