English Quality since 1890

At Ball Breaker Billiards quality and professional workmanship are our highest priority. That is why we only use the best English cloth (Strachan 6811) available to Recloth your Pool Table.

The Strachan 6811 cloth is a premium grade league quality pool cloth, made in West England since 1890. It is made of 100% wool which offers exceptional performance, with a superior nap that provides unrivalled positional ball control and speed.

Lack of bounce on your Billiard Table could mean you need new rubbers, the best time to replace them is when we are Re-clothing the table. We’ll be available to answer all questions and calm any worries you have about your favorite table.

An unrivaled range

We have huge range of colours available to suit your style. And for the sports fans we now also have AFL and NRL cloths in stock.

There’s no need to move your Billiard Table for our Re-Clothing service. One of our workmen will come out to your home and access the condition of your table.

Damaged cloth or just want a new look? Contact us for quality Re-Clothing 07 3800 1999