Moving your Pool Table…

Are you moving or renovating your house? If you are not sure how to move your Pool Table, don’t move it. You can easily damage the table, your property or worst case hurt yourself.

The team at Ball Breaker Billiards has the expertise and experience to move your Pool Table safely from room to room for refurbishing, or for that big move across town.

We do offer the service to lift your table with our specialized crane if the Billiard Table cannot be dismantled or need to be moved up or down to several stories.

Our extensive experience in moving Billiard Tables combined with our Transit Insurance will give you peace of mind that everything is looked after for you.

Once the table is moved we will take the time to make sure it is level and ready to play for you.

Do you need a table removed?

We are happy to take the table off you or remove an old table out of the property. We can dismantle your Pool Table and move it into your storage space if needed.

Delivery of your Billiard Table

We will deliver the table to your home or shop and will set it up for you. Our team makes sure the table is level and ready for that first game.

We have specialized transport equipment and transit insurance so you can be sure to get your table delivered safely.

Please also include some details about the room access and how many steps the table needs to go up or down, so we can prepare for a safe delivery.

Let us do the heavy lifting. Call us for your Moving Quote 07 3800 1999 today.